We are happy to develop future programming based on community interest! Let us know what topics you'd like to see turned into a full continuing education class!

Love and Intimacy

Let’s Talk About Sex – Does the “S” word still make you blush?  Learn how to tackle this steamy topic so you can guide your clients back to the intimacy they desire!

Building Trust – The loss of trust can signal the demise of a relationship.  In this session, learn how to teach your clients to trust…and love again!

 Life After Children – In this fast paced society, couples often get lost in child rearing responsibilities.  Learn techniques that will allow you to guide your clients back to the partnership and love they deserve. 

Falling in Love Again – Work, kids, extra curricular activities.  Who has time for love?  In this workshop, learn techniques to rekindle friendship, communication, intimacy and passion. 

Self Care and Play
The Psychology of Body Image and Eating – What happens when we are inundated with a constant state of a media who defines what body image means to all of us?  In this session, learn to talk to your clients about not only healthy consumption, but also a self-defined love for their own body.