We offer continuing education for counselors and social workers in Illinois.

I'll never forget my first *real* teaching presentation. It was 1991, and I was a GA at Indiana University. The topic was Introductory Statistics and the learners were first year counseling students. I guess you could say that was the very beginning of my journey as a clinician-educator. My passion for teaching and learning inspired me to earn a PhD in Educational Psychology, and I feel incredibly blessed that almost 25 years later, I still love what I do!

From your instructor

  1. Content Expertise -- yes, you gotta know your stuff!
  2. R-E-L-A-X -- You must have a grounded confidence in yourself!
  3. Tune in to Who's Tuned Out  --You simply can't teach the disengaged.  You've got to pay attention and reengage the strays!

We are counselors because we are helpers and healers. When we sit with someone kneecap to kneecap, the last thing on our minds is getting paid, and yet, we have to live in the real world! We deserve to get paid for what we do, and we need to get out of the habit of putting our time on sale. Join us for this seminar that will inspire you to develop your best business practices. We will address coding, billing, when to charge and when to slide.  


Starting a Private Practice

To Teach

Billing 101


These classes are available to licensed counselors and social workers. Specific class descriptions and learning objectives are below. Classes are taught by Victoria Fleming, Ph.D., LCPC.  Each class is offered for 3 (three) credit hours. Class dates and times are listed on the Registration Page at this website. 

You pass an exam, get your license for independent practice, and then realize a whole big scary world is open to you! But what must you really do before you're ready to launch your own private practice? We will talk about the basics of setting up shop, getting on insurance panels (or deciding not to), the decision to outsource certain administrative tasks, what taking responsibility for clinical files *really* means, and the ever pressing issue of getting new clients. 

Unless otherwise noted, our classes are held in this Executive Classroom in our clinical space. The address is 425 Huehl Rd., #19B, Northbrook, IL 60062. A map of our location is under the "HOME" tab.

Set yourself apart from other mental & behavioral health counselors  as an "expert" in your particular niche. You pick the niche, and we help you develop a presentation that will have people referring clients to you. We address translating expert clinical knowledge into a manageable program and how to conduct a learner-centered seminar.  Excellent teaching will be both taught and role modeled in this hands-on, experiential workshop.  This class is not NBCC approved. 

What makes "Expert" teaching?